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Whether your needs are Maintenance of Way, Transfer, or Emergency based, we are ready to meet them safely and efficiently. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to fit any project. 


Mainlines Services, LLC  features an ever growing fleet of heavy equipment, specialty equipment, trucks, trailers, forestry, vacuum, and much more. Our fleet is ready to work on or off rail, depending on our customers' needs.


Our executive team is equipped with over 30 years of combined railroad experience. Paired with a workforce of rail industry veterans who undergo hours of safety training each year. 

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Maintenance of Way

Track Replacement

  • Track replacement

  • Retarders

  • Crossing replacement

  • Switch replacement

  • Bridge panel replacement

Right of Way Services

  • Grade cutting

  • Bank stabilization

  • Culvert repair

  • Pile Driving

  • Undercutting

  • Tie replacement

  • Cribbing

Emergency Repairs

  • Washout repair

  • Snow removal

  • Bridge driftwood removal

  • Panel and tie hauling

Other Services

  • Locomotive servicing

  • Dust control

  • Vegetation control

Transfer Services

Load Transfer & Adjustment Services

  • Inter-modal

  • Trailer & Container services

  • Trans-load

  • Load adjustments

  • Container clean-out services

  • Block & bracing

  • Overweight loads

  • Inspections

Derailment and Post Derailment

  • Product recovery

  • Product removal

  • Product salvage

Car Cleaning

  • Open Top Loads

  • Box Cars

  • Hopper Cars

Custom Services

​Mainline Services, LLC strives to go above and beyond the ordinary level of customer service. Our expertise and fleet allows us to do more than just maintenance of way and transfer services. Whether the customer need is demolition, servicing of equipment, material handling, hauling or any other general contract needs, we stand ready and willing to exceed your expectations- regardless of time of circumstances. 

  • Trackhoes

  • Rubber Tire Loaders

  • Track Loaders

  • Skid Steers

  • Fork Lifts

  • Road Graders

  • Rotary Dump Trucks

  • Digger Derrick Truck with boom

  • 65’ Giraffe Truck with saw blade attachment

  • Water Trucks

  • Dozers

  • Backhoes

  • 40 ton Off Road Dump Trucks

  • Undercutting Attachment

  • Pile Driver Attachment

  • Self Propelled Hi-Rail Cart

  • Hi-Rail Vac Truck

  • Vac Truck

  • Hi-Rail Grapple Truck

  • Panel Boss

  • Broom attachments for skid steer

  • Hi-Rail Water Truck

  • Coated Pipe Grabber

  • Hi-Rail Kubota

  • Coated Pipe Grabber

  • Paper Clamps

  • Fully Equipped Transfer Trailer

  • Dump Truck Fleet

  • Flatbed Trailers

  • Tanker Trailers

  • Pneumatic Trailers

  • Specialized Trailers

  • Stretch Trailers

  • Grain Transfer Vac

  • Vac Truck

  • Fork Lifts/Skid Steers

  • Auto Ramp

  • Transfer Plate

  • Transfer Tool Trailer

Needing something else?
Mainline Services, LLC is not limited to the equipment shown. We are constantly expanding our fleet and likely have or will procure any necessary equipment in order to satisfy the needs of the customer.
At Mainline Services, LLC we pride ourselves on safety and professionalism. We set a high standard with the work we perform and highly value the individuals performing it. We offer highly competitive wages along with a strong benefits package.
NEEDED: Heavy Equipment Operators & Laborers with Class A CDL in Southeast US - Overtime pay for all hours after 4pm.


Are you are looking for a career in the railroad industry with great pay and benefits? Mainline Services provides 24/7 emergency response service and maintenance services to the railroad industry. We are seeking to hire Equipment Operators and Laborers with Class A CDL's to be a part of our new division in Shreveport, Louisiana. Please call 816.839.6337 or apply at or


Essential Functions:

  • Provide assistance with rerailing operations, maintenance/repair of railroad cars, load adjust/transfer and track maintenance and repair.

  • Operates equipment (side-booms, dozers, grapple truck, excavators, backhoes, dump trucks) for specialty lifting, re-railing, load transfer, track maintenance, grading, etc.

  • Drives tractor-trailer to/from job sites, inspects loads, and machinery being transported.

  • Moves, stages, loads/unloads materials/equipment in preparation of work activities for rerailing, load adjust/transfer, and/or track maintenance/repair/new builds.

  • Operate rerailing equipment while following all safety rules/regulations. Assist with rigging and connection of chains, cables, and winches during derailments or day-to-day operations.

  • Willing to work with cutting torches, welders and common hand tools.

  • Perform and document all services/repairs on equipment/vehicles, refer more complicated mechanical issues to Shop Manager for repair.

  • Follows all required safety, policies and procedures, of Mainline Services and its clients.



  • One year of work experience in field-based operations involving manual labor (construction, farm equipment, utility, or related industry).

  • Valid Class A Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) with good driving record.

  • Capable of understanding and following directions given by managers.

  • Pass qualification tests as required (includes E-Rail Safe and other training/safety programs).

  • Have 24/7 availability in order to respond to emergency calls for service including weekends and holidays.

Class A CDL Drivers & Operators: $22.00 - $27.50 per hour
Kansas City, MO, Des Moines, IA, Grand Island, NE
  • Operates Heavy or Specialized Equipment (i.e. Rubber Tire Loader, Trackhoe, Backhoe, etc.)

  • Demonstrates experienced operation and equipment knowledge

  • Performs preventative maintenance on heavy or specialized equipment

  • May assist with supervision of small crew as necessary

  • Maintains proper equipment appearance and cleanliness

  • May perform labor duties as needed

  • Basic mechanical knowledge to troubleshoot simple mechanical failures

  • Practice safe working habits

  • Ensures working conditions are safe and that proper PPE is being used as job duties require

  • Safely drive, operate, and maintain CDL A required vehicles and equipment

  • Follow DOT regulations; ensuring proper permits and driving regulations are followed

  • Current CDL A and DOT medical card is required

  • Extensive travel is required


Physical Requirements: Mobility to participate in frequent travel to and from the project location, ability to operate heavy equipment, lifting of up to 100 lbs. in the performance of duties. Ability to navigate into confined spaces if necessary.

Please download our application, complete and send to
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